Sebasco, Maine Sunset - Andrea Brand Photo F/V Persistence, Sebasco Harbor - Andrea Brand Photo Day's Done, Sebasco - Andrea Brand Photo

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Sebasco is a beautiful, fishing village located in Phippsburg, Maine on the banks of the New Meadows River and the northern tip of Casco Bay. It's history is rich and interesting. It has been a favorite summer destination of generations of families who have come to cherish her.

Sebasco is also where up to 11 generations of locals have fished the rich waters of Casco Bay, raised their families, built their homes and boats, and enjoyed the paradise like sunsets all year long. My family has lived in the area for 10 generation (fishermen all, at one time or another). Let me show you around this very special part of Maine I call home.

The Sebasco Road off Route 209S in Phippsburg will take you to the village and Sebasco Harbor Resort and Golf Course with spectacular views of Casco Bay.  The history of the resort goes back about 100 years. On the northen edge of the resort lies Cornelius Pond (now called Watah Lake).  There was once a thriving ice business here and ice was cut and loaded onto ships for export to southern ports. 

Across from the resort to the west is Harbor Island, once called Horse Island. This is where the horses from the ice cutting business were kept in the off season.

Continuing on Route 217 West is the Sebasco Post Office on the right and then the old village of Sebasco.  Only a few original houses remain and are distinguishable by their cedar shingle siding.

Continuing on just a short distance and turning left at Black’s Landing Road will lead to the Water’s Edge Restaurant at the old Sebasco Downeaster Seafood location. The views from here are unbeatable. Malago Island lies to the west and the islands and open ocean of Casco Bay to the south.