Making a Bear

Tuesday September 1, 2015

This week I've been working on a hand sewn bear for the baby of a friend. This is the second one I will offer for sale. Love doing these. The clothing is the most fun. This one has pjs cut down from the baby's first pjs and will have a set of day clothes and a beanie cap. Wicked fun.

Also working at Spinney's Restaurant down at Popham Beach, Maine. Haven't worked there for five years but it's just as much fun as ever. Love the atmosphere working there. Much more like a family than any other place I ever worked.

Capain's been catching a few lobsters lately. We spent Sunday on a little beach on a deserted island then had fried clams from Anna's Water's Edge in Sebasco. They were oh, so good. Nice, lazy Sunday resting up for this week which looks beyond busy already. Several shifts at Spinney's then opening The Art Barn this weekend.

Well, too much to do and not nearly enough hours in the day. Hope you are all doing well. Thanks for following the journey. More later :)


Phippsburg, Maine - Busy, Busy Day

Saturday August 29, 2015


This is the only one of my paintings I have ever lost track of. I may have given it to someone but don't remember doing that.  If anyone ever sees it let me know. POPHAM, MAINE MARSH 8x10 Oil on Canvas Board. Thanks ;)

FROM MY BLOG ... AUGUST 31, 2009

Today's picture is one of my earliest paintings completed back when I first started painting in the summer of 2006. This is titled Popham Marsh and is an 8x10 oil on canvas board. I placed layer after layer of oils on top of each other until the paint was so thick I could carve into it. This was one of those paintings that didn't show itself to me until well after I'd entered into the process of painting it. I eventually ended up using the point of a medium sized nail that just happened to be laying close by to scratch the marsh grass right into the paint. It looks as though there are little things in the grass and in the sky beyond and I imagine them to be representative of real things one would find in a marsh like crickets, bees, dragonflies, mosquitoes, gnats, butterflies, and such. I like the hazy kind of blue color that it became as it is very similar to how the sky really blends into the marsh sometimes in the early mornings in Popham when I'm on my way to work at Spinney's.  I believe this one is still on display at the West Quoddy Head Visitor Center up in Lubec, Maine.

Had a very busy day today. Picked up blueprints of a survey I had done last year on some property I own. Went to the post office, gas station, bank, groceries, and local Mom & Pops, came home cooked pizza for the guys and a burrito for me. This after doing two loads of laundry, cleaning my refrigerator from top to bottom, and vacuuming and mopping the entire downstairs.

Best thing today, though, is my son taught me how to Skype. He and his long time girlfriend verysmallanna talk with Skype now that she is in NYC attending school to become a pastry chef. I wanted to learn how to use it so I can communicate with them this winter when he moves to NYC and we are in Florida. I love technology. Hope I live long enough to get beamed somewhere or at least sent there with a super sonic mode of transportation. Love travel, hate travelling. More later.


Teddy Bears, Heat Wave, Maine Art

Wednesday August 19, 2015

This week I've been working on Teddy Bears (first time ever making them) and waiting tables down at Spinney's on Popham Beach. Haven't waited tables in five ears since I opened The Barn and it is quite a workout. Several of the people I used to work with are there so it's a bit like Old Home Week. Thinking I should do another year end employee video like I made for several years when I was there. They were always a big hit at the employee parties with video of everyone who worked there in action throughout the season. Wicked funny!

We are in the middle of a heat wave here on the Maine Coast. I'm never one to complain about the heat but the humidity has been a bit much. Taking what we can get as it will all be over soon and another bad winter is in the forecast. With any luck the captain and I will not be here to see it. Hoping to be in the deep south.

Have several Maine art projects in the works that need to be finished. Will have some time this weekend to hopefully wrap up my Narrows, West Point, Maine and my driftwood seagull. Can't find the perfect driftwood to perch the seagull on so this one may take even longer than expected. Orders for bears, too, and will be open this weekend from 10-4. If you on your way to Phippsburg, Popham Beach, West Point, Small Point, Sebasco, Morse's Mountain, or Hermit Island, stop by The Barn for some wonderful one of a kind local art by a 10th generation Phippsburg native (me).

Thanks for following the journey and have a safe and wonderful week friends & family. More later :)