New Phone, Bear Tracks, Fishing & Art

Friday March 20, 2015

Hey friends and family. Finally got a new phone and can update my blog. So, we saw some bear tracks on the island here in Florida recently and they were fairly close to the camp. Captain says it is a smaller one (maybe 300 pounds) and I wonder where Mama is!

Sold a painting and some cards and magnets at Watson's Art in OldHomosassa. Great little place kind of like my barn gallery where they showcase local art.  Love that :)

Been fishing, swimming and laying in the sun plus painting quite a bit, too. Finally warm and in the 80s. Will try to bring some of that home when I come back to Maine in a month or so.

Had a great day horseback riding with friends last week. Found some muscles I forgot I had!

Hope you are all well. Thanks for following the journey. More later :)


Land of Sunshine & Palm Trees

Friday February 6, 2015

So, finally I am in Florida with the captain and the cats. Seems we got out of Maine just in the knick of time as they now have four feet of snow up there to contend with. Thought the weather isn't glorious here, I'll take it! Went to Tangerine Island yesterday and gathered a bucket of wild tangerines. That sweetened the coolness of the day and the excessive rain we have had lately.

Four policemen from the Sheriff's Department were on the island last week looking for some local guy who apparently stole a boat. He was dumb enough to pawn it at the local pawn shop and they caught him but I don't know how they ever found him. We hear he was hiding out on an old abandoned houseboat just a short ways from our island. It's been pretty cold so maybe he had a fire or something and someone saw him. Quite exciting to say he least!

Got some of my art, magnets, travel bags, and notecards in a new local gallery. I tried a few years ago to talk some of the locals into putting art other than their own in their galleries but no go. Now this couple (British with similar lives to me & the captain - living aboard, travel, home schooling) have started Watson's Art Gallery and showcase not only their work but the works of locals and snowbirds alike. This will be fantastic if I can sell art here in the winter and in Maine in the summer. I have been painting a lot lately and still am madly in love with it.

Running errands today and need to get going. Captain is making a dock cart ashore where we keep our boat and the cats are anxiously awaiting us at the camp on the island. Sometimes we take them in the boat but only if we are going fishing or for a full moon row. They don't like the motor much but like the boat a lot.

Don't forget to check out my online shop! There is a link on the tab at the top of this page that will take you to hundreds of producsts with my art.

Have a safe & wonderful week friends & family. Thanks for following the journey. More later :)


Balmy, Rainy Maine Art Sew Sunshine River Painting

Tuesday December 23, 2014

Well, it's right balmy here in Maine. The weather is warm but rainy. Though I admit it is beautiful here with a little snow on the trees, I prefer the warmer weather and the rain.

Sold a painting the other day. It's staying in the family. My sister saw it here at the house when she was here and really liked it. I am even more flattered than normal when a member of my family wants one of my paintings. Also amazing to see them when I visit their houses. My mom had a lot of my work at her house and it always made me feel good to see that. Also fun to have them go to other countries. I get a kick out of that.

So, I'm working on few other paintings right now, too. One is a realistic 16x20 silhouette of a sunset in Sebasco, Maine but it's one of those that isn't sure what it wants to be yet so it may end up beings something entirely different. That happens sometimes. The other is a smaller 12x12ish abstract on homemade paper that will be thick and flexible when I am finished and which I may turn into a box or something other useful. Not that paintings aren't useful just to look at but I particularly like to manipulate the paint and sculpt with it as well.

Some sunshine would be a good thing for painting art or even some sewing projects I want to do but doesn't look to me like we will get any today. I have quite a few gift bags for The Barn stitched up or ready to be stitched and trimmed and some pillows, sachets, and other smalls I want to make to sell next season. Also want to make some more dolls. I love making dolls.

Speaking of art, need to get busy, lots of other chores to get finished in case we do decide to go south for awhile. Some days I want to stay right here in Maine and then when it is so dark like today I crave that sweet sunshine.

Have a wonderful week friends & family. Thanks for following the journey. More later :)