Independence Day New York City vs Maine Fireworks

Friday July 3, 2015

Ifbrooklyn-brownstone-2.gif brooklyn-brownstone-1.gif My Grandfather's House%2C West Point%2C Maine  Sea Glass Beach Glass Sharps with Heart  on Mussel Shell - Andrea Brand Beach Art

One year, long ago when the captain, the kid, and I were taking our 50' fishing schooner from Maine to Key West to live aboard for the winter, we saw New York City (New Year's Eve) fireworks from wherever we were at the time (Hell's Gate, East River, South Street Seaport and vicinity) and they were amazing. Gigantic, spectacular, and lasting forever. As a girl from the woods of Maine ...

New York City fireworks are a site to behold. Last night we had fireworks here in our sleepy little fishing village of Phippsburg, Maine near Popham Beach. They were beautiful, the night was clear, the colors reflecting off the waters of the New Meadows River and Casco Bay, Maine were somehow wonderfully serene amid the blasts. Then half an hour later it was over, the cars departed, the people went home, and the town once again became as silent as a windless sea.

City mouse, country mouse. Little of both. Have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July / Independence Day Weekend friends and family. I'll be up at my Art Barn Gallery for the next three days visiting with old friends, painting, carving driftwood mermaids, making seaglass jewelry and enjoying Maine in all her glory. Found some early blueberries yesterday. Sweet summer has arrived :) More later ...


Buy Popham Beach, Maine & Phippsburg, Maine Art

Monday June 29, 2015

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Upcycling Maine Seaglass, Florida Driftwood Art Fish, Lobsters, Captain, Cats, Art Gallery & More

Wednesday June 24, 2015

 Maine Barn Swallows - Graphic Design - Andrea Brand Beach Umbrella at Popham Beach%2C Maine Hermit Island, Maine View from Morse's Mountain - Andrea Brand Art

So, things are looking up on the Coast of Maine. Captain has some lobster traps in and I have my art gallery open weekends this season and by appointment. The newest items are sterling silver wrapped real Maine seaglass jewelry that I am making from pieces from my private collection ...

Also have some great items at gallery made from both Maine driftwood and Florida driftwood. There are snakes, mermaids, fish, wall hangings & more.

Had an adventurous day giving three cats a bath. One of them was cool, one was okay, and one was hyperventilating until I practically crawled in the sink with her while holding her. Then she thought it was kind of fun. Good thing I had two sweatshirts on, though, or she may have left some marks on me at first.

Been to three beaches today (how lucky are we to have three beaches handy by??), two of them looking for friends I was supposed to meet. Didn't have my phone with me so went on down to Spinney's at Popham Beach to deliver some promo photos I took their recently for the owners. There is something truly magical about Popham in the summer.

Going searching for driftwood later and probably down to Salem, Massachusetts soon with the captain. I love Salem and never tire of visiting family there. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the family I am visiting has a practically unused beach right behind the house!

Well, lots more to do and dinner to get on the table. Have a safe, wonderful week friends & family. Thanks for following the journey. More later :)