Painting, Painting, Painting

Jan 31, 02:11 PM


When it snows in Maine it really snows. Here's a pic of our boat one winter when we had it overboard in January. Glad it's not overboard right now!

I've been painting, painting, painting. Did three I can't show you as they are a surprise for someone (they were my first commission). Loved doing these. They were based on photos provided by the client and one of my own photos. Very pleased with the results, let's hope she is, too :)

Also painted a few smaller ones not posted yet. Not sure if I'm done with them or not. Think they may need a little something more.

Almost finished with movie for the family about our ancestory. Got my mom to do a recording about her recollections of growing up in Phippsburg to add to it. Think the grandchildren (hers, I don't have any yet) and great grandchildren will LOVE it!

Still waiting to see if the captain wants to go to Florida for a little while. It's finally starting to warm up a little down there and it's getting kind of yucky here. I like it but he's getting tired of the snow already. We'll see. I'm flexible. I can paint any place.

New business signs almost finished and ready to give to the state to put up on Route 209 and Parker Head Road. Wanted to make them myself and it is a huge job. Glad it's almost done but think they will look pretty cool when they get posted.

That's it for now. Met with a few of the artists showing next summer. Everyone is excited and getting ready for their shows. Just added some info about Jean Powers, a jewelry artist showing this summer. Be sure and check out her bio at my site.

Take care, my friends. Stay safe, stay happy. More later :)



  1. Andrea, thanks for not posting. Once the surprise is out of the bag… you can definately post. I will let you know what Ron’s reaction is. I’m am so anxious to see them in person!

    Yvette · Feb 1, 10:49 PM · #