New Business Owners work 16 Hour Days, Really!

Aug 20, 07:21 PM


Blue Bottles - Andrea Brand Photo

Hey, friends. I've had a busy and productive week. Sold five paintings and couldn't be happier about that. The past few days have been very slow, though, and it makes for a long day. I didn't think new business owners really worked 16 to 18 hour days but I'm finding out they really do. Here's me, tired but happy :)

Andrea Brand - August 2012 - Andrea Brand Photo

Here's what sold of mine just recently ...

 Off Old West Point%2C Maine - Andrea Brand Art Spring - Abstract - ANDREA BRAND ART Sunset Watercolor 1 - Andrea Brand Art 

Here's one I did a year or two ago (my mom owns it - was her dad's house).  I promised the buyer of the first one above I would post. This is just a short distance from the location of the one she bought. 

   My Grandfather's House%2C West Point%2C Maine

I've been making lots of smalls lately like sea glass sailboats, sea glass mobiles that hang from driftwood, magnets with shards and things. Finishing a few paintings and worked with some thick oils on smaller canvases this week, also. Here's what's drying now ...

Not Titled - Queen Ann's Lace - Andrea Brand Art - August 2012 Not Titled - Andrea Brand Art - August 2012

The captain is out fishing for bait with another fishermen friend up the river. They are going to use it in their lobster traps to save some money. Every little bit helps when the price of lobsters is the lowest it's been in, well, forever. Here's a video with footage of real Maine lobster fishing families hard at work.

We have some wonderful art up at the Barn Gallery and I've met some fantastic people this summer. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure many of those who were in Phippsburg for the first time will be visitng again. It's a sweet little town with some amazing vistas and sunsets and wondeful beaches, trails, and forts to explore. Visit if you haven't. You'll be glad you did.

Speaking of beautiful sunsets here are a few pics of the most recent ones ...

Malaga Island Sunset - August 2012 - Andrea Brand Photo Sunset Sebasco Maine - August 2012 - Andrea Brand Photo

and a seagull flying peacefully on the wind ...

Seagull - Sebasco Maine - Andrea Brand Photo

Lobster roll lunch with one of my best friends tomorrow at the Barn. Can't wait to see her and catch up. It's been too long since we've visited.

Hope you have a safe, sweet, wonderful week. Thanks for following the journey. More later :)