Malaga Island, Maine

May 22, 05:15 AM

I live just across the rivermouth from Malaga Island, Maine. The locals call it Malago. It is an uninhabited island which I wish I had bought years ago. Over a hundred years ago there were squatters living on the island. Many of them were black freed slaves, others were former indentured servants, mostly Irish and Welch. It’s history is rich and interesting.

I’m currently working on a book about a freed slave by the name of Benjamin Darling. He bought and lived on land on Harbor Island just across from Malaga and his name is long associated with both islands. His background is mysterious and no one seems to be able to determine where he came from. My book is about three quarters completed. I’m thinking of calling it Black History of Casco Bay, Maine.

A little known fact about this area is that many islands of Casco Bay were first settled by freed slaves. If you want to learn more about Malaga Island, Maine there is a book called Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boys that is an historical fiction children’s book written by the husband of an ancestor of settlers of the island.

The painting I’ve posted today is of a sunset over malago a few years ago. I sold this one to my second grade school teacher and she has it in her fifth grade classroom where part of her teachings include Maine History. I just love waking up every morning and looking at Malago. More later.

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