Maine Sea Glass Sculptures

Jun 29, 06:38 PM

 Maine Sea Glass Sculptujre - Andrea Brand

Today's pic is of a sea glass sculpture that I made this morning.  I ended up making about ten different ones and I love them all.

I haven't gotten around to painting yet today because my nephew came for a visit. Hadn't seen him in awhile so we spend most of the morning playing catch up. 

I found some awesome sea glass on a Massachusetts beach recently along with several shards of washed ceramic of various colors and sizes. Decided these would make some nice sea sculptures, something I've made and sold in the past and thought I would try again this year. It's hard to find authentic washed sea glass anymore as I guess everyone returns their bottles now for the deposit. We seed our beaches in the winter in Maine with shards of colored glass but it takes a few years for them to get smooth enough to use. Usually by the time the glass is just about ready to harvest on the little beach in front of my house someone comes along and gets  it all.

My verysmallanna is in Manhatten looking for an apartment for her and my son for a few days so I'm on KP. Have a roast and veggies in the oven so I don't have to really cook, just turn it off when it's done. Had a nice two hour nap this afternoon which was a real treat. Now I'm doing laundry and dishes (the machines are actually doing them - I love "machines") then after dinner I'll likely do some painting. Have all day tomorrow to paint, too. Maybe the sun will come out for awhile  but I'm not holding my breath! More later.