Gordon Ramsay visits my Hell's Kitchen

Jul 19, 08:54 AM

 Maine Sunset Changes Colors - Header - Andrea Brand Photo

So, the captain tells me Chef Gordon Ramsay was at our house the other day. Of course I was working and the house was the dirtiest it's been in 23 years. I swear, never a dull moment. You just can't make this stuff up.

A long time friend of ours had come by to visit and brought him along. I saw our friend's business card laying on the table for a few days with the name Gordon Ramsay  and some other info on the back of it. I had been meaning to ask the Captain what it was about but hadn't seen him lately to talk to him.

This morning he picks up the business card and I asked him about it and he says "Oh, yeah, he was here." I'm like "What?!" Do you even know who he is?" Apparently he did. I then asked "Why didn't you send them to The Barn (my art gallery)?" to which he replied, "They came by boat."

Yep, sitting right here at my kitchen table in a house that was (of course) in the worst condition it has been in for 23 years. My vac broke weeks ago and I think the new one had just arrived and was scattered on the kitchen floor along with packaging, box, hoses, cat dishes, and what not.

I hadn't even been home except to sleep or update my blog in weeks either so you can imagine what shape the place was in. God love him, the captain could care less who he lets in the house when it's a mess. Now, I'm not saying it actually was even Gordon Ramsay, but I betcha it was. It would be just my luck.

Now let's move on to other (albeit possibly somewhat less exciting) current events.

I captured a 17 second change in the color of the sunset the other night on video. The sky went from vivid orange to pink and back to orange.Here it is Maine Sunset Changes Colors.

It had happened ten minutes earlier when I was commenting about it on twitter. I went out to shoot photos and decided to shoot some short video clips so I could get the audio of the waves crashing on the rocks to post in a video.

I taped a few  then backed up against the small building by the seawall to steady myself (I really need a tripod) when on the third take it happened as I was filming. I was freaking out and had all I could do to hold still. Of course I posted it on youtube, fb, and everywhere else, because it was amazing.

Portland, Maine photographer, Donald Verger (who chases storm for photos) has seen something similar once and sent me some links to a possible meteorological explanation that was a bit over my head. What an experience.

We had a great week up at The Barn. The weather has been beautiful and the peninsula is full of tourists. Everyone has been out and about enjoying the wonderful sunshine.

John Tyler Pope is a metal artist who is showing at the gallery this season. His copper and silver cuffs (bracelets) are fabulous and one-of-a-kind. The prices are reasonable and I suggest you come and see them before they sell out!

We also are pleased to have Ellie Barnet at the gallery. Ellie is a very talented young artist from Phippsburg who is showing at the gallery all season. She currently has a Legacy Show at the Aucocisco Gallery in Portland, Maine where she now lives. She is joining her grandfather, New York artist and Lifetime of Arts Achievement Award winner, Will Barnet.

Elise Spacek, an artist working in oils, graphics, and bookmaking was last week's featured artist. Her art will remain in the gallery for just a few more days when she will be joining her grandfather, Brunswick, Maine artist, Bev Bevilacqua at this new The Art Barn Gallery at North Creek on the way to Sebasco in Phippsburg, Maine.

In addition, we have about 20 more artists showing their fabulous creations right now. Be sure to stop by for a visit on your way to Popham Beach or while out cruising around The Burg.

That's about it for now, friends. All is well on the home front except for the ridiculously low price of lobster right now. Great for consumers. Bad for the fishermen. So please all do your part and eat lots of lobsters while they are cheap!

Have a safe sweet wonderful week and thank you for following the journey.