Fort Popham, Maine

Nov 26, 05:11 AM

 Fort - Long View

Today's picture is a  painting I am working on of Fort Popham, Maine. This one is very thick oil on a long board I found washed up on the beach several years ago. I have been using the back side of this board to mix my paints for quite some time and I think that only adds character to the piece. I have been waiting for the paint to dry so I can add some detail to the shore which represents Bay Point in Georgetown Maine.

Just sold the lighthouse painting I recently posted yesterday and have several friends coming over this weekend to look at and/or buy some art. I don't normally sell from my home but these are close friends and relatives who have been asking for quite some time to come and see my work. I love that others like my art and especiall.

Well, the Captain just got up and he and my boy are planning on going lobster fishing today. Looks like they might go tomorrow also if the wind stays fairly calm. We had an inivite for Thanksgiving but turned it down as we thougth that may be the only day this week decent enough to actually go fishing. We'll have a humble dinner at home. More later.