Beach Art, Beach Glass, Folk Art, All Things Maine

Aug 27, 05:49 AM

Folk Art Cat Stand Vintage Find - Andrea Brand's Barn Gallery Phippsburg%2C Maine

Hello friends. Things in Maine are, well ... the cat's meow! Here we have a great folk art cat I found at a local yard sale. This one looks like a homemade one and I think is a plant stand. I just love it. I was going to sell it but it might end up in my collection as I find it more adorable every time I see it. Click the thumb below to see it upright.

Folk Art Cat Stand Vintage Find - Andrea Brand's Barn Gallery Phippsburg%2C Maine

I have been busy making things with treasures from the beach. I'm calling it Beach Art. I met a young girl years ago in Key West who had a dream of making art from things she found on the beaches she visited and I always thought it was a good dream. I'm adding this new line of beach art to my barn gallery and hope to create more and more of this type of artwork. Here is a sea glass mobile I just finished and it has a cool glass bead at the top that I really like with it.

Sea Glass Beach Glass Mobile -

Here is a little sailboat ... Blue Sea Glass Beach Glass Sailboat - Andrea Brand Art  and a little, simple sculpture made with an old washed up bottom of a vicks jar and a blue mussel shell ...

Blue Vicks Jar Beach Glass Sea Glass with Maine Mussel Shell Sculpture - Andrea Brand Beach Art.

Here is a my latest sea glass sculpture (I call these sharps, though they aren't - they are just pointed). This one has a cool brown heart shaped piece of sea glass in the front. The sea glass is in an old bottle bottom I found on the beach and rests on a blue mussel shell.

Sea Glass Beach Glass Sharps with Heart  on Mussel Shell - Andrea Brand Beach Art

Below we have some gift bags that I have been making. I buy unused (wrapped) rolls of wallpaper from yard sales and turn them into beautiful gift bags for my art barn gallery. These little pink and black ones have unused lobster trap tags from a few years ago for handles. I didn't want to through the tags out as I liked the nice pink color. Glad I found a use for them. The brown bags have handles of braided rope I found at RM Tate (a great store for crafters in Bath, Maine if you haven't been) and real Maine sea glass tied on the ends of the rope. We may even start offering our gift bags for sale soon as we have had so many compliments on them.

Gift Bags - Andrea Brand Art

We are also now offering some sweet, inexpensive, hand made jewelry for little girls. Some of it is fine for older girls, too. These are made with plastic beads and elastic so they are safe for the little ones (unless they are so young they may eat them!). We have necklaces, bracelets, and anklets.

Little Girl Jewelry - Andrea Brand's Art Barn - Phippsburg%2C Maine

I've been thinking of lots of new ideas for next year and things I want to make. We are also now offering quilts with my own graphic designs on the material. These are preorder only as I don't have time to start on them for a month. They can be done in time for the holidays, though, so check that out if you come to visit.

Thanks for following the journey. Have a wonderful week. More later :)