Artist specializing in oils, acrylics, mixed media, graphic design, and photography.

Andrea Brand


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Jul 13, 03:18 PM


If you are into art, especially one of a kind upcycled things, abstracts, and sculpturals then you might enjoy some of my creations. I like to make things from salvaged items, beach glass, driftwood, seashells, dried flowers, and regular paint and canvas. Mostly I paint seascapes of places around Phippsburg, Maine like Popham, West Point, Malaga Island ...


Independence Day New York City vs Maine Fireworks

Jul 3, 07:13 AM

brooklyn-brownstone-2.gif brooklyn-brownstone-1.gif Sea Glass Beach Glass Sharps with Heart  on Mussel Shell - Andrea Brand Beach Art

One year,  long ago when the captain, the kid, and I were taking our 50' fishing schooner from Maine to Key West to live aboard for the winter, we saw New York City (New Year's Eve) fireworks from wherever we were at the time (Hell's Gate, East River, South Street Seaport and vicinity) and they were amazing. Gigantic, spectacular, and lasting forever. As a girl from the woods of Maine ...