Artist specializing in oils, acrylics, mixed media, graphic design, and photography.

Andrea Brand


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Florida for the Winter

Dec 5, 04:21 PM

Well, it's off to Florida soon for the camp on the island for the winter. It's remote, it's wild, it's full of old forests, creeks, rivers, wildlife. Quite an adventure really. I'll be panting some Florida art once the captain and I get settled in. I'm currently selling at Watson's Art Gallery in Old Homosassa, Florda. Such a beautiful day in Maine today I don't want to leave. There's something pretty special about Old Florida, too. Have a safe and wonderful week friends and family. Thanks for following the journey. More later :)


Art, Art, more Art

Nov 20, 11:31 AM

Life is a bit busy lately. Good busy, though. Creating lots of art, seaglass flowers, paintings on metal and canvas, illustrations, that sort of thing. These are all of Maine. Also thinking about new art I want to make and bring with me to sell in Florida. I have some Florida driftwood ...