Artist specializing in oils, acrylics, mixed media, graphic design, and photography.

Andrea Brand


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Fishing Casco Bay / Creating Maine Art

Aug 20, 07:28 PM

Life is pretty rosey in Maine right now. The weather was gorgeous today with full on sunshine and the fishing was fine. Most of the guys went out lobster fishing today and a few have been fishing for Bluefin tuna lately. Others have been taking advantage of the run on Menhaden (pogies) and mackerel lately.


Maine Fishing Art Beaches Weather Blog

Aug 14, 06:58 AM

Good Morning from Midcoast Maine. It's a little breezy here today and there are three fishermen sitting here talking it over and wondering what the weather will do. They are trying to decide if they should go haul lobster traps, try for some bait fish or just work ashore today. I'm opting for them to take a day off and rest. They've been going full tilt lately and I think they all need a rest. Just saying ...