Artist specializing in oils, acrylics, mixed media, graphic design, and photography.

Andrea Brand


© 2010

Up at The Barn in Maine

Aug 9, 09:06 AM

Hey, friends  and family  - We are having a wonderfully delightful summer on the edge of paradise up here in Maine. The sun has been shining, the sunsets have been gorgeous (we could use a few more lobsters, but they've started crawling), I'm selling lots of art up at The Barn and having a blast.


Casco Bay, Maine - Living on the Edge of Paradise

Jul 14, 08:45 AM

It's mid summer, midcoast Maine and life is sweet. I've been painting and creating art up at The Barn and the captain has been hauling his lobster traps every other day or so for awhile now. We are in full swing summer mode.